Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important




What many people don’t realise is that gutters have an important part to play in maintaining the structural integrity of your property. By simply keeping them clear and free of debris you are more likely to avoid expensive gutter repairs and potentially even bigger and more costly jobs!

Guttering has one function of collecting rainwater and transporting it your properties drains. If well maintained and properly cleaned it performs this function extremely effectively.

If gutters become clogged or damaged the rainwater that should be passing to the drains finds other routes and can leak into your property. This can cause serious structural issues and potential health problems caused by damp within the property.


It doesn’t matter if your guttering is made of cast iron, pressed steel or more modern plastic. All types need to be cleaned at least once per year to ensure they are performing properly.

The ideal time for gutter cleaning is the end of autumn or the start of winter. By this time of year, the majority of leaves will have fallen and the worst of the winter weather is yet to arrive. Cleaning at this point will reduce the risk of blocked guttering later in the year.

It can also be a good idea to do a second quick clean in early spring to remove any debris that has been deposited in your guttering over winter.

If you live in an area near a lot of trees it can be a good idea to fit a gutter guard. They help prevent leaves and other types of debris settling which stops large-scale build-up and blockages.


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